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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and people born between January 20 and February 18 fall under this sign. Aquarians have a near-untainted social conscience and are expected to play a critical role in the betterment of society in this millennium. Apart from having humanitarian and philanthropic interests, people born under this sign are visionaries, team players and highly dependable.

Aquarius is known by its astrological symbol the Water Bearer, and has Uranus as its ruling planet. Both these play key roles in defining the temperament of Aquarians as traders.

Strengths in Trading

Those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are intelligent and seekers of knowledge. They would invest a great deal of time in understanding the market dynamics and learning about the various factors, no matter how small, impacting demand and supply. They love data and would continuously check current market positions and projections. They typically make extensive use of technical analysis tools and their high degree of patience perfectly complements this trait.

The liquidity represented by the Water Bearer symbol is evident in the flexibility that Aquarius individuals exhibit in their trading. They are unconventional and open-minded; hence, willing to try out new trading instruments. They may do not hesitate to take on a certain degree of risk to back novel ideas, although sufficient groundwork would always be done before making any decisions. Aquarians would never go by hearsay, preferring to always back up their decisions by a plethora of facts and figures.

People born under this astrological sign are free thinking and even vehemently stand up against rigidity among others. Such people would typically may not be driven by general market sentiment, instead relying on their own evaluation and value judgement abilities.

Aquarians are usually progressive by nature and spend a significant amount of time and energy thinking about how things can be done better. Hence, they often come up with their own unique methodologies or strategies for trading. They are also good at convincing others, and often have their friends and family following their trading strategies.

Weaknesses in Trading

Despite being highly intellectual and seekers of information, Aquarius individuals are often inconsistent and, at times, short-sighted. Also, people belonging to this zodiac sign are either not intuitive or consciously avoid relying on intuition (gut feeling) when trading.

Relying heavily on calculations and having patience sometimes may work to their disadvantage, as Aquarians may experience a certain degree of inertia in exiting trades.

While people born under this sign show flexibility in terms of adopting new ideas, they can be quite unyielding once a decision has been made.

The good news is that Aquarians never look back and are not easily discouraged by minor setbacks.

What Proves Lucky for Aquarians

  • Lucky Colours:Blue, Emerald Green and Grey
  • Unfavourable Colours: Black
  • Lucky Days:Wednesday and Friday
  • Lucky Numbers:4, 8, 9, 13, 17, 20 and 24
  • Suggestion: Teaming up with a person falling under the Virgo or Capricorn zodiac signs can prove lucky for Aquarian traders.

 Trading Instruments that Aquarians are Drawn To

Aquarians prefer trading with a longer-term horizon, rather than making the quick buck. They are drawn towards forex trading, with the EUR/JPY (Euro-Japanese Yen) currency pair being the most popular. They also gravitate towards stock market indices. Among commodities, Aquarians prefer energy, including oil and natural gas.

Trading Tools Preferred by Aquarians

A good charting tool is essential to trading for Aquarians. It suits their analytical, non-sentiment based approach to trading and also essential for long-term traders needing historical data to base their analysis on.

Famous Traders Born Under This Sign

  • Chris Gardner: American stockbroker and entrepreneur, with net worth at $60 million
  • Charles M. Schwab: American steel magnate and businessman, with net worth at $6.2 billion
  • Carlos Slim Helu: Mexican investor and business magnet, with net worth at $75.5 billion
  • Chad Hurley: Co-founder of YouTube, net worth at $355 million
  • Carl Icahn: American business magnate, investor and activist shareholder, with $17.8 billion.


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