Regardless of the business cycle, investors always have the opportunity to invest in solid companies with potential growth prospects. It just so happens that many of these companies are in the technology sector, which always appears to be on the cusp of major innovations. In the following article, we take a look at five of Wall Street’s coolest stocks. Owning some of them may not be viable at this point, but this shouldn’t stop you from looking into other companies operating in similar industries.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB)

The world’s biggest social media company has defied the naysayers to become one of this year’s most compelling stock picks. Facebook continues to find ways to grow its revenue and active user base, which has translated into a market cap of more than $380 billion. Facebook’s share price has gained nearly 30% this year, including multiple record highs since July. The social media giant continues to dominate in the advertising space, leading Goldman Sachs and other banks to increase their outlook on the company to bullish. In fact, Credit Suisse recently raised its target for FB stock to $170.00.[1] The share price is currently hovering above $130.00.

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL)

The parent company of Google is one of Wall Street’s most expensive stocks. With a year-to-date return of around 8%, Alphabet Inc. shows no signs of slowing down. The company recently made a bold move by entering into the mobile arena with Pixel, the first phone by Google. The new piece of hardware has gotten rave reviews, and could provide the company with another major growth driver. Google apps already dominate a wide spectrum of the mobile market. With the addition of Pixel, Alphabet is flexing its muscles in a highly competitive environment. At more than $800 a share, Alphabet Inc. isn’t a viable option for most investors. But there’s no question that Google is one of the coolest companies around.

Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX)

Shares of video streaming service Netflix surged 26% last week, adding a staggering $11.4 billion in market cap, after the company reported stronger than expected third quarter earnings results.[2] Netflix added more than 50% more subscribers than expected in the July-September period thanks to hit shows like “Stranger Things.” The company’s international subscriber base rose by about 3.2 million. In the United States, Netflix accounts increased by 370,000. The video streaming service is now available in more than 130 international markets, including most major economies. Revenues in the third quarter surged nearly 32% to $2.29 billion,[3] making Netflix one of the brightest up-and-comers on Wall Street. For anyone still doubting the power of over-the-top content, Netflix should set the record straight. Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN)

Amazon is another stock you wish you’d bought ten years ago when the online retail industry was beginning to gather pace. Today, AMZN stock is worth more than $830, having gained nearly 29% this year and a staggering 277% over the past five years. For investors who can afford it, Amazon may still offer massive upside. Goldman Sachs recently raised its forecast for the company by $130 thanks to a booming cloud computing sector.[4] The cloud is a massive global market that Amazon just so happens to lead. Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud platform, currently owns 31% of the market. Microsoft, IBM and Google all trail by a significant margin.[5] Amazon continues to expand its online retail segment, giving the company a favourable risk-reward outlook.

Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA)

To say that Nvidia Corporation is having a breakout year would be an understatement. The company’s share price surged nearly 12% in September, its third consecutive monthly advance, and has gained a staggering 109% this year. The California-based technology company designs graphics, processing units and chips for the gaming, mobile computing and automotive markets. Each of these segments offer massive growth potential. The company scored a major victory by announcing that it will be equipping Tesla Motors’ entire fleet with hardware for full self-driving capability.[6] The company has posted massive earnings beats in recent quarters, having increased its automotive-sector sales by 68% year-over-year.[7] Make no mistake, Nvidia is the definition of cool.

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