Customer Support Manager. In the Customer Support Department we share in our clients’ progress and happy moments together. These moments give us the power of building a strong relationship with our clients on a daily basis.

Anytime you go on a new website or consider taking on a new service you speak with customer support to reinforce your decision. This is perfectly normal, we all need human communication to break through the geographical distance and digital barrier which has put a premium on the end-user experience.

Brands put emphasis on many things to improve customer satisfaction, the most important aspect of all is customer support.

Customer support is the backbone of customer experience

Now more than ever, companies are treating customer experience as an investment rather than a cost. This comes from the unmistakable fact that great customer support leads to higher retention and brand loyalty. So as a customer you should take full advantage of customer support. Don’t think of it as giving the person on the other side a chore. This is an opportunity to communicate with someone to solve problems and explore new products and services.

In the financial market community, customer support can be an invaluable resource – so make sure you choose a broker who can offer efficient and friendly support. The more comfortable you are with them, the more comfortable they will be with you and the better communication you will have.

It is your support agent’s responsibility to welcome you and make you feel comfortable, but you can help improve the communication even further by taking the following points into account:

Ask clear questions

By asking clear and direct questions you are more likely to get clear answers. If you don’t know what questions to ask, then inform your client relationship manager that you are not familiar with trading and would like some guidance.

No such thing as a wrong question

You may feel that some of your questions may be stupid or embarrassing, but just like your doctor has seen it all, customer support has heard it all! They understand that you are a beginner and don’t have the knowledge experienced traders do.

Don’t be afraid to keep your customer support person on the line for too long

Do you have a lot of questions? That’s okay. Don’t worry that you’ve been speaking with them for too long or that you are wasting their time. It is literally their job to help you so take the opportunity to learn everything you need to learn.

Come back as many times as you need

Did you remember another question after ending the chat? Then start another chat and ask that questions, or call again or email.

Be patient, not everything can be fixed immediately

If you’re having a problem, we assure you that the support agent speaking with you, would like to fix the problem as much as you do. On the other end of this conversation is one person who has to communicate with other departments and speak to the right people to help you. Understanding that will save a lot of stress.

Don’t be rude, it doesn’t help the situation 

Lastly, we feel this should be mentioned! We understand in some situations it’s easy to lose your temper, however, being rude to the person who is trying to help you will never improve your situation. Make your complaint clear and express your stress in a civilized manner. Remember the person on the other side of the line really wants to help you, just give them the chance to do it.


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