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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and people born between March 21 and April 19 fall under this sign. Aries individuals love to come up with ideas, are the first to get going and have a burning desire to achieve goals. They are enthusiastic, optimistic and love learning about new things. People born under this sign may appear to have a casual nature and often dress informally; however, they easily take on leadership roles and are trendsetters.

Aries has Fire as its ruling element and Mars as its ruling planet. Its astrological symbol is a Ram, which appropriately represents the headstrong nature of people born under this sign. While being a great trait, this often makes Aries individuals fairly inflexible and closed to advice.

Trading Styles

Aries individuals are quite comfortable with the dynamics and vagaries of the market. In fact, they thrive on these. Having a heightened sense of competition, people born under this sign love a good contest, which makes them aggressive traders. Aries individuals are optimistic by nature and many take to trading, as a profession or as a hobby. Either way, they work passionately towards achieving more.

Strengths in Trading

Aries individuals are very focused, which helps them quickly assimilate different information from diverse sources and promptly form an opinion. They are decisive and confident traders. People born under this sign do not shy away from new trading instruments or trying new platforms. They enjoy exploring new features and offers.

Aries individuals are mostly fearless, which gives them the courage to take bigger risks and potentially record bigger gains. Moreover, they love the game as much as the outcome.

People born under this sign are vocal about their opinions and happy to help others trade. Aries individuals believe in possibilities and trade with vigour and enthusiasm, due to which they are able to overcome doubts or scepticisms. In fact, Aries traders love to take chances, while also doing their groundwork thoroughly before placing a trade. Being optimistic, they are not unnerved by minor setbacks. And their sheer grit helps Aries individuals stay longer in the game than most others.

Weaknesses in Trading

Aries individuals can be highly impatient and moody, which makes their trading style a little haphazard at times. People born under this sign can exit trades in haste, sometimes forgoing more lucrative opportunities. At times, they may get overly optimistic, leading to bullish trading decisions that may not be based entirely on analysis.

What Proves Lucky for Aries

  • Lucky Colours:Red, Scarlet and Blue
  • Lucky Days:Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Lucky Numbers:9 is by far the luckiest, while 1 and 6 are favourable too
  • Suggestion: Teaming up with a person falling under the Leo zodiac sign may prove lucky for Aries traders

Trading Instruments that the Aries Sign is Drawn To

Aries individuals are impressed with leadership and strength, and prefer to trade equities of large multinationals and powerful indices like the Nasdaq, DJIA, S&P 500, Euro Stoxx and Nikkei. They are also drawn towards the most tradable currency pairs like the EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD.

Trading Tools Preferred by Aries Individuals

Being impulsive, Aries individuals should opt for a good risk management tool, such as stops and pending orders. Since people born under this sign are impatient, a stop loss and take profit strategy may suit them well. Aries traders typically prefer options to spot, simply because they are comfortable with taking on more risks and like to trade volatility. A good market news feed would be great, as they like to stay in touch with the bigger picture and trade on news, for which the financial calendar may come handy.

Famous Traders Born Under This Sign

  • P. Morgan: Financier and Banker, with net worth of $41.5 billion
  • Larry Page: Co-Founder of Google, with net worth of $40.7 billion
  • Steve Ballmer: Former CEO at Microsoft, with net worth of 29.5 billion
  • Wang Chuanfu:Chinese businessman and founder of BYD Company, with net worth of $4.2 billion

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