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The financial markets attract people from all walks of life. Entrepreneurs and business owners are among the most active when it comes to trading. Below is a list of top entrepreneurs who have also successfully dabbled in the financial markets.


Jimmy Wales


Jimmy Wales is a famous internet entrepreneur who co-founded Wikipedia, a website that needs no introduction. Before starting Wikipedia, Wales was a successful trader in the options and futures markets. It was the remarkably successful Netscape IPO of 1995 that influenced him to become an entrepreneur (that, and a nice chunk of cash from speculating on interest rate and currency fluctuations.


Nassim Nicholas Taleb


Nassim Nicholas Taleb has done just about everything. As an essayist, scholar, statistician and risk analyst, Taleb has dabbled in the markets throughout his life. Although he is listed as a former trader, he has expressed considerable interest in bitcoin. This is encapsulated in the following quote:


“Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative.”


Mark Cuban


Mark Cuban is a billionaire business mogul who recently did a 180 on bitcoin, and now backs one of the biggest cryptocurrency venture funds on the market. Cuban says he plans on loading up on more cryptocurrency in the future as the market continues to expand.


During his days as an internet entrepreneur, Cuban made ridiculous sums trading options on Yahoo! shares after the web services provider bought his company for $5.7 billion.


Ashton Kutcher


Many of us know Ashton Kutcher as Kelso from That 70s Show. Although we haven’t seen him on the screen recently, he has racked up millions of dollars as a businessman, venture capitalist and investor. Kutcher’s list of personal investments is huge, and includes the likes of Airbnb, Flipboard, ResearchGate and a whole bunch of tech companies you’ve probably never heard of. For a list of his personal investments, check out his Crunchbase page.


Timothy Sykes


Timothy Sykes is an interesting case when it comes to trading and entrepreneurship. He made a killing trading penny stocks before using that knowledge to start his own business. Today, he runs a mentorship program, multi-million-dollar blog and active social media channels where he teaches people how to gain financial independence. He remains an avid investor, so expect to hear about his latest and greatest ideas.




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