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Following a historic round-one of the French election, came the time for the two front runners to go head to head in the only debate they get before the election.

Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far right National Front’s Marine Le Pen did not hold back any punches as they sparred against each other’s beliefs and what they stand for.

Macron who started his own party “En Marche!” is pro euro, pro trade and open country while Le Pen comes from an anti-euro stance and has clearly stated she will push the country to exit the Eurozone if she were elected.

Being 20 points behind Macron at the time of the debate, Le Pen was not afraid of exploiting her opponent, she even hinted that he is a friend to terrorists as the candidate of the capitalist elite.

“you have a soft spot for Islamic fundamentalism” Le Pan told Macron.

Macron went on to devalue Le Pen’s policy proposals saying they have holes and that she was unfit to rule a country.

“I’m looking at the high priestess of fear-mongering, you are a product of the system that you denounce, you live off it. You are a parasite” Macron told Le Pen, “You have threatened public employees …  your words show that you are not worthy to be the defender of our institutions.”

“France will be run by a woman whatever happens,” Le Pen said, “either by me or by Mrs. Merkel.”

She threw that punch referring to Macron’s visit to Berlin to get the blessing of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for his policy plans.

The French broadcaster BFMTV’s poll showed that Macron was more favourable by viewers than Le Pen, and 63% of viewers found him more convincing according the to the poll.

Latest poll results show that Marcon is still in the lead at 59.6 % leaving Le Pen at 40.4% chances to win the election on the 7th of May.


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