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Hi I am James of easyMarkets. There is a saying that goes” when the world is losing its head gold can shine”.  And that is very true at the moment.

With increased tensions in the Korean peninsula GOLD prices have surged higher and is currently trading at the time of filming around a 1 year high. With the news of the North Korean hydrogen bomb test, investors hurried for safe havens such as gold.

And unfortunately with rumours of more missile tests being conducted by North Korea, the chances of further volatility in the market is certainly a possibility.

With Gold opening with a gap of over $10 on Monday 4TH September, those traders who were shorting gold with a broker with no guaranteed stop loss would have experienced slippage and that would have been a very nasty start to the week.

However, easymarkets traders know that we protect them with guaranteed stop loss and with no slippage what so ever with our web platform and mobile app.  As well as that, our spreads are always fixed so if you a looking to trade gold at this time of uncertainty, what would give you the best peace of mind?

Hopefully this situation in Asia will come to a peaceful end but when it comes to your trading, easyMarkets will always do our best to make sure you have the best trading conditions you deserve and when you need it.

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