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Our very own James Trescothick walks you through the UK election!

Hi I’m James and like many of you I’ve stayed up all night watching the UK election results – hence the much-needed coffee

[sip coffee]

The UK did it again! The market was surprised at 9 pm GMT time when polls indicated a hung parliament! The GBP/USD collapsed by more than 250 pips within 1 minute.

If you were trading during that time, then that was the crucial moment where your trading conditions and platform could either protect you or fail you.

Here is what happened last night:

Some brokers disabled trading for up to 5 minutes. Some of their traders’ positions suffered a massive gap due to those five minutes, during which they couldn’t do anything.

Some traders had no negative balance protection. When the GBP/USD dropped, those going long on the pair … well, they weren’t too happy!

And others missed this trading opportunity altogether because their broker did not allow trading.

At easyMarkets we were proud to end this trading event knowing we protected our clients with all means possible like we always do.

Because you see, when you’re with easyMarkets your trading will never stop in any market condition, and you will never miss an opportunity. You will trade on fixed spreads, and your stop loss and take profit are always guaranteed. If you trade on easyMarkets web platform or trading app then you also have no slippage.

Now ask yourself, how would you like to trade?

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