There’s no time like the present to be trading the financial markets. Whether you’re at your work station, on the go or on your coffee break, the financial markets are at your finger tips. Literally.

It comes as no surprise that many traders have installed mobile applications to keep track of the financial ticker, with some even relying on their phone to place trades. In the following article we take a look at five of the best mobile apps for financial traders. Whether you’re looking to learn, trade or practice, there’s a financial app made just for you. Never has the marriage between finance and technology looked so good!

  1. Bloomberg

If your goal is to stay in the know, Bloomberg is the way to go. The financial software, data and media company is one of the most trusted sources for late-breaking news, market analysis and information on stocks, commodities and indices from around the world. As a trader, you consume this information on a daily basis. By downloading the Bloomberg app, you’ll have all of the latest news releases and market quotes directly on your phone.

  1. Stock Wars: Virtual Investing

In addition to its really cool title, Stock Wars allows traders to test out new strategies and concepts before applying them to their live trading accounts. After all, it’s always best to test out your new approach before putting up real money. Stock Wars allows you to refine your trading strategy before applying it to the market.

  1. Stocktwits

Whereas Bloomberg provides you with a broad-brush approach to keeping tabs on the market, Stocktwits is essentially the Twitter for traders.[1] It provides traders with real-time information on current market prices, including up-to-the-minute insights from other market participants. Stocktwits also features useful bullish or bearish signals from some of the top investors, giving you real-time analysis on potential trades.

  1. FuturesLive

FuturesLive is a great resource for – you guessed it – futures traders. This app is especially useful if you’re trading commodity futures, such as gold, silver or oil. FuturesLive provides hundreds of futures prices from all of the major global exchanges. They’re also organized in distinct categories, like energy, metals and agriculture. And because FuturesLive is only interested in giving you the quotes whenever you need them, it doesn’t try to do too much. That means you get to enjoy a seamless app that doesn’t run into a lot of technical issues.[2]

  1. FRED

If you’re a trader, chances are you love economic data. The FRED app provides traders with the economic data they need – anytime, anywhere. We’re not just talking about a few dozen data series, but nearly 264,000 data series from 79 sources. You might be surprised to learn that FRED is powered by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.[3]

There you have it – five financial apps you should consider downloading right away. By keeping you in the know and allowing you to analyze the markets and practice before you trade, these five apps make a welcomed addition to any trader’s smartphone.

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