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Now that 2016 is about to come to a close and traders will be crunching the numbers on their portfolio for the year, let’s have a look at which among the top investors made it rain this year.

  1. Pan Sutong

At the top of the list in terms of percentage gains so far this year is Pan Sutong who is a real estate mogul in Hong Kong. To date, his net worth is up around 20% or $713 million due to the property boom in the nation, bringing his total to $4.3 billion.

He gets a bulk of his fortunes from Goldin Financial Holdings, which has interests in real estate, finance, and wine. This company is building China’s tallest building, Goldin Finance 117, which is part of the multibillion-dollar development in Tianjin. He is in the 205th spot among world billionaires this year, according to Forbes, and is the 6th richest man in Hong Kong.

  1. Zhou Yaoting

Another strong percentage gainer is Zhou Yaoting from China who has holdings in apparel and real estate. His net worth is up by nearly 10% or $231 million, bringing his total to $2.7 billion. His father  founded apparel company Hongdou in 1957 and this company has made its way to becoming one of China’s largest apparel makers.

Since then, the company has diversified into other industries, making successful investments in real estate. The company is headquartered in the 48-storey Hongdou International Plaza and has several commercial and residential projects in Chinese provinces.

  1. Carlos Slim Helu

In terms of nominal gains, Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu is still at the top spot with a 2% gain in net worth to the tune of $1 billion. This brings his total net worth to a whopping $53.3 billion so far.

He was the world’s second richest man in 2015 but his holdings have taken hits this year, still not enough to knock him out of the highest spots. Shares of his mobile phone network America Movil were dragged lower by government regulation and a weakening Mexican peso, due to the US Election result, as well as a downturn in the Brazilian economy. Still, he’s holding on to the 4th spot in Forbes’ billionaires list for the year.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg

Of course this list would not be complete without the internet world’s golden boy, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. His net worth is up 1.7% or $866 million to $53.1 billion and counting as his company’s stock continues to soar.

Although he and his wife have pledged to donate $3 billion of their fortune over the next decade to philanthropic causes, his pockets are still running deep with cash as Facebook stock was up 40% year-to-date, boosting him to 5th place in the billionaires’ list for the year.

  1. Bill Gates

The tech world’s first poster boy, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, is still among the top dogs with a 0.1% uptick in his net worth. This translates to a humble $68 million increase, but he’s still at the head of the pack with $82 billion in total net worth to date.

Gates has already stepped down from his post as Microsoft chairman a couple of years back but retained his position as a member of the board and technology advisor. He has been selling his Microsoft stock on a regular basis, owning only 2.5% of the company as of September this year. Still, he has been investing in other companies such as Canadian National Railway, AutoNation, and Kymeta.

  1. Elon Musk

Innovative pursuits are paying off for Elon Musk with a 0.5% uptick in his net worth to $11.4 billion. His ventures are the stuff of science fiction and the returns have been promising. However, his holdings have hit a couple of road bumps this year, particularly the SpaceX rocket that caught fire in September and the car crash blamed on Tesla’s autopilot feature.

  1. Warren Buffet

Legendary investor Warren Buffet will always be among the greats with his 0.5% increase in net worth to $66.3 billion. The Oracle of Omaha was knocked down from his top two spot in the Forbes billionaires list this year when Berkshire Hathaway’s 10% stake in Wells Fargo chalked up losses in a scandal for creating 2 million accounts for customers without their permission. Buffet also gave away nearly $3 billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway stock to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in July this year.

  1. Sheldon Adelson

Taking a gamble on casinos in the US has proved to be rewarding for Sheldon Adelson who had his net worth bumped up to $32.4 billion. He is the Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands and has pledged his allegiance to new US president Donald Trump.

Las Vegas Sands is the largest casino company in the US and has opened a new Paris-themed resort in Macau this year. He is up from the 15th spot in the Forbes billionaires list to 14th place so far, although he is still expected to climb up the charts with a potential boom in the gambling industry.

  1. Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s aggressive strategies continue to reap rewards for CEO Jeff Bezos, bringing his overall net worth to $67.9 billion. He added $20 billion for the past twelve months, thanks to the boom in Amazon’s cloud-computing unit, Amazon Web Services. Bezos is also investing space travel with his aerospace company Blue Origin, which is currently developing a reusable rocket.

  1. Jack Ma

And who can forget the historic Alibaba IPO that brought founder Jack Ma to fame in the US? The e-commerce player is enjoying a net worth of $27.9 billion so far this year. His company has been surpassing record levels in sales thus far, leading to an impressive rebound in Alibaba stock this year. Alibaba has forged a partnership with Amblin Partners of Steven Spielberg, allowing the entertainment firm to get a much-needed boost.

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