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The financial market isn’t the old boys club it used to be. The growth and widespread adoption of online trading has given many more women the opportunity to enter this once male-dominated world. This fascinating trend has also revealed that women tend to make great traders.

It makes sense, if you think about it. Women tend to be the financial keepers of the household. They set the budget, buy groceries and are responsible for delegating monthly savings. They also work full-time jobs and take care of the household, giving them perspective on managing finances and emotions.

The ability to organize personal and household finances and distribute them in the right places has a lot of practical benefits. It also makes one more likely to become a successful financial trader.

But it takes a lot more than just dollars and cents to become a successful trader. In fact, one of the biggest challenges to becoming a successful trader is developing trading psychology, which refers to the emotional and mental aspects that dictate a trader’s decisions.[1] When it comes to trading, women tend to be more selective and methodical in their picks. Research shows that greater delay between trades is more likely to result in better results.[2]

Women typically have no issues backing out of a trade if they realize it is going against them. Men, on the other hand, tend wait until the very last minute to admit they’ve made an error. In the same vein, women have an easier time saying no, which makes them less susceptible to herd mentality.[3]

It’s also possible that women feel less pressured to become full-time day-traders than their male counterparts. For some reason, it’s difficult to pry men from their trading station, especially after a few good trades.

Women who balance households and budgets are more likely to be selective with their time in front of the screen. As we mentioned before, selection is crucial when it comes to trading. After all, zeroing in on a few quality trades that are based on sound fundamental and technical research is a lot better than opening as many trades as possible. When it comes to the financial markets, quality beats quantity every single time.

Not every woman will succeed in the financial markets, and not all women are better at trading than men. In fact, both sexes probably have a lot to learn from each other when it comes to trading. But the great thing about the online trading revolution is it has brought more people into the trading room. This includes women. Early results suggest the markets have plenty to gain from a bigger influx of female traders.


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